Nexmesh Sub-ohm Coils (SSL316L 0.15 ohm)


Introducing the first conical mesh temperature control enabled coil. Ideal for those who prefer temperature controlled vaping. The nexMESH SS316L has a resistance of 0.15 ohms and delivers amazing flavour profiles without the risk of dry hit at between 350F-540F / 180c-280c .

If you’re looking for a smoother, softer sub ohm experience that still delivers a massive flavour hit then the nexMESH stainless steel conical mesh coil is the right choice for you.

Don’t have a temperature control mod but want to use the stainless steel conical mesh coil? Simply set your wattage control between 40W – 75W and experience the silky smooth flavour of your favourite juice.

***Note: (Price is per coil)

*** Please ensure to prime your coil, by filling the tank and allowing the juice to saturate the cotton for 2-3 minutes as per manufacturer recommendation. We recommend 5-10 minutes to be extra safe. Do not allow the tank to run empty or the cotton to get dry as this will risk burning the cotton and reducing the lifespan of the coil. Using the coil above the recommended wattage can also reduce the lifespan.


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Coils are suitable for replacement of the nexMESH subohm tank series (as found in the Mdura Kits)

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0.6 ohm, 1.0 ohm